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Winning Your Case

Information is power.  If I were diagnosed with cancer I would want to get my hands on everything I could to learn about the disease that threatens me.  I would use the information to get the best help I could from the professionals and the experts, and I would want to be in control of the decisions that were mine to make.  Knowledge is key to helping you win your case.  

    My goal is to work with you to win.  Winning takes various forms.  Sometimes it is getting the District Attorney to dismiss a case before it ever gets started. Sometimes it is winning by a Motion to Suppress Evidence.  Sometimes it is raising the stakes so high that the prosecution offers you a deal that you believe is in your best interest to take.  Sometimes, it’s winning a “Not Guilty” verdict in the courtroom.

     Our system of law is adversarial.  The District Attorney does his best to convict you.  Your lawyer does his best to set you free.  My number one goal while representing you is to set you free.  

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