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Taking Care of Yourself

The most important part of fighting your case, or improving your situation is taking care of yourself.  If you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs that got you into this problem, now is the time to seek treatment.  You will be protecting yourself.  You may also be laying the groundwork for a good disposition in your case.

1.  Staying safe on the streets. 

     I worry about my clients in jail, but the clients at greatest risk are those who are out on bail.  Avoid desperate moves.  If you are out on a defensible case, the worst thing that can happen is that you get arrested on a much stronger case.  If you are suspected of dealing drugs, or stealing property, the cops are going to be on you.  You must protect yourself.  You have to be squeaky clean. Going through a criminal case is extremely stressful.  Look for healthy and constructive ways to deal with your stress.  Avoid destructive ones.  Escape stress by fighting your case.  Avoid drowning your stress in alcohol, drugs and other risky behaviors.  Your family and loved ones are your closest allies.  Don’t do things because of the stress that will make them your enemies.  

2.   Drug and alcohol treatment. 

     There are many woeful tales of lives thrown away with some guy lamenting no one has ever found him a drug program.  The best program in existence for dealing with addictions is free.  It is called Alcoholics Anonymous.  If you have an addiction problem you should consider yourself as a person whose life is at risk.  If you need to go to three AA meetings per day, you should do it.  The AA program works.  The people involved in the program are not engaged in any sort of hustle.  They will tell you that anything they do for you is selfish.  They will tell you that by helping you with your addiction, they are helping themselves stay sober.   Getting the message that you need help can be in the form of a DUI case, having your wife divorce you, or getting fired because of your drinking, or the many other ways you can learn that alcohol or drugs are seriously affecting your life.  If you were arrested for domestic violence, or stole something, or committed another crime while under the influence it is a good sign that you need help.  You are probably not going to be able to deal with this addiction by yourself.  If you need help, get out there and find it.  

3.  You need a lawyer. 

     The two most important people who can help you when you are accused of a crime are your attorney and yourself.  Everyone who is accused of a crime needs a lawyer helping them.  Attempting to act as your own counsel deprives you of an independent, unemotional perspective as well as much needed expertise.  Objectivity, or the ability to see reality clearly, is extremely important for a person facing criminal charges.  The system of criminal law is very complex and constantly changing.  I have practiced criminal law for over a decade in Central California and I take every course and seminar, and read everything I can just to stay up with the law.