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Choosing a Lawyer

It is important that you like the lawyer and the lawyer likes you.  You are going to spend a great deal of time together and some of it is going to be tense and stressful.  It is very important to have a lawyer/client relationship based upon mutual respect and caring.  You have to believe that the lawyer has your best interests at heart.  You have to know that the lawyer is able to devote the time and attention to you that your case deserves. 

     A lawyer who is heavily involved in a very intense, high profile case may put your case on a back burner. A lawyer who has become worn out, jaded and cynical, who may just be going through the motions, is not going to serve you well.  These are things you need to know before you choose an attorney.

     The last, and vitally important, quality you must look for in an attorney is trustworthiness.  In serious cases, you are literally handing your life over to another person.  You need to trust your lawyer and know that whatever advice he gives you is in your best interest.  You need to know he is working for you.  The code of legal ethics requires a lawyer representing a client in a criminal case to do everything for his client within the limits of the law.  You want a lawyer who really believes this and will do everything he can for you if you are ever charged with a crime.