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~*Credit – While practicing in Sacramento Eric had the opportunity to see the work of Paul Comiskey in action. Paul is an extremely dedicated and talented attorney who Eric admires greatly. Eric has borrowed at length from the language of Mr. Comiskey’s writings for his outreach materials.

Eric Dumars

     Eric Dumars is a criminal trial attorney with over fifteen years of experience defending individuals charged with felonies and misdemeanors.

Criminal Law Specialist

Certified by the State Bar of California

Board of Legal Specialization 

Eric A. Dumars

Attorney at Law

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     He started his law career in Sacramento working for two years with the Miller Law Group. This high intensity criminal defense and immigration law practice plunged Eric into the defense of serious felonies and quasi criminal immigration proceedings. Eric represented immigrants in over two hundred deportation hearings, handled criminal matters in court throughout the Sacramento and Northern California region. Ultimately it led to his hiring as a Deputy Public Defender in Merced County.

     Eric spent eight years in the Public Defender’s Office handling every type of criminal action from lead counsel on special circumstance homicides, life case child molests, down to simple batteries and DUI cases. Eric quickly advanced in the office and when ending his time in public service he had achieved the highest position in the office, Chief Public Defender.

     In private practice, Eric has the opportunity to give each client and their case the personal attention they deserve. Being a public defender is an intense job, that when done well requires immense skill and knowledge. It also requires tremendous personal sacrifice upon any attorney seeking to do the job well enough to give each and every one of their clients a full and fair defense. Many public defenders are unable or unwilling to make that sacrifice.

     While a public defender Eric became certified by the California State Bar Board of Specialization as a Criminal Law Specialist. He has filed and won writs and appeals at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, and the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Fresno.

     Prior to going to law school Eric served for over two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, Central America. He speaks fluent Spanish.

     Eric obtained his law degree from the University of Denver, College of Law where he attended upon receiving a full tuition scholarship. Additionally he has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

     When people are in the justice system they often ask themselves whether it is worth it to hire a lawyer. If you are suspected or charged with a crime you need a lawyer. Eric Dumars is a lawyer who you can trust with the experience to fight and win.