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Asserting Your Legal Rights

There were principled and serious reasons why our forefathers adopted the 5th amendment to the Constitution.  It gives you the right to remain silent and not to incriminate yourself.  This right does little good unless you use it.  Police officers have all kinds of tricks to get you to break down and confess.  They will ask you to come in on a completely unrelated matter, and once you are there start questioning you about a crime.  Police officers will sometimes say that they have DNA, witnesses or other evidence that does not exist.  They will lie shamelessly, later call it a ruse, and then proclaim what good and honest people they are.  Do not talk to the police without out an attorney!  You can always talk to them later. Here are some frequently asked questions and examples:

Question:What if a detective calls me to come down to the police station to answer a few questions?  What if he promises not to arrest me?

Answer:  Do not be fooled.  If a policeman wants to question you about anything, contact me immediately at 209-617-2904, or 831-272-3536.  The detective may take a very incriminating statement and then arrest you.  Saying he won’t arrest you may be the first lie he will tell you.  Call me immediately.

Question:  What if FBI agents approach me with a document explaining various federal crimes such as accessory after the fact, giving false information, etc.?  Suppose they want me to sign the document and then talk to them?

Answer:  Don’t fall for the FBI intimidation technique.  Take the document.  Decline to talk to them without an attorney.  Call me immediately:  209-617-2904, or 831-272-3536.  Talking to the FBI is extremely risky.  There is no harm in talking to me first.

Question:  What if the police come arrest me for a misdemeanor or traffic ticket?

Answer:  If they are talking to you, then you can be sure they are interested in something more serious.  Do not tell the officers more than your name and show them your identification card.  Tell the police you want to talk to your lawyer.  Call me immediately: 209-617-2904, or 831-272-3536.  Do not talk to the police.  Tell them you want to talk to your lawyer.

Question:  What if the police tell me the evidence is overwhelming?  That they have DNA?

Answer:  You have been talking too long.  They are probably telling you big lies.  Tell them you want to talk to your lawyer.  Stop talking.  Call me immediately: 209-617-2904, or 831-272-3536. 

Question: Why is it so risky to talk to the police?

Answer:  Police are trained to interrogate you.  If they suspect that you committed a crime they will do everything they can to get a confession.  They will tell you lies that will make you think there is no way you could ever prove you are not guilty.  They will isolate you.  They will pretend to be your friends and act like they are helping you.  They will tell you that this is your opportunity for you to give your side of the story.  They will minimize guilt and claim they just want to get your side.  They will act as though they want to help you.  They have special techniques that increase stress and anxiety to make you believe that admitting to a crime is your best way out.  A detective will isolate you from family or any supporting relationships.  He will demonstrate that he is in complete control of the interrogation process.  He will accuse you of committing a crime.  He will express unwavering confidence in his belief that you are guilty, and say things like “we are not here to discuss whether you did this, but why you did it.”  He will tell you no one is going to believe in your innocence.  He will tell you this is your one chance to tell your side of the story.  He will tell you all sorts of lies about what types of evidence they have against you.  If he asks you if you are willing to take a polygraph test to prove your innocence, it will only be to get you to confess.  There may be two on one.  You will be totally alone.  They are highly trained with psychological techniques to break you down and get you to confess to crimes whether you committed them or not.  The best defense is to say you want to talk to your lawyer first.  Do not talk to the police.